The stones and the lights and any decoration objects in this website are handmade and part of Michele Manzi House Design Luxury Collection. All the stones and the art lights are masterpieces and never reproduced. An original luxury house design is granted from this handmade carved stones as well as an elegant atmosphere for classy houses.
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About Michele Manzi

Michele Manzi born in Rome (Italy) is living with his family in Milos (Greece). Milos is very known for the "Venus" kept now in Louvre Museum in Paris (France) but also as a holiday destination in Cyclades with beautyful beaches and the thousand colours of the landscape due to its volcanic origins. This is the environment where the artist found his balance changing from a busy city life style left behind, to a slow paced life closer to nature. The birth of the artist it is very much connected to the Island of Milos and its landscape. The colours of the stones caught suddenly the eyes of Michele guiding him to mold them; following the grains, the line, the hidden imperfections and bringing him to create a masterpiece. Those masterpieces have always something to narrate, thousand years of history and volcanic eruptions and finally here with the artist, bringing out the hidden beauty. The stones also tell us about Cyclades, the Greek history and population that used them not only for construction but also for ornamental purposes. Enjoy the visit of this website with so many different stones as much as the uses they have. Ornamental stones accessories, appliques, lights and lamps, sculptures.
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